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Doug Laney is a best-selling author and recognized authority on data and analytics strategy. He advises senior IT, business and data leaders on data monetization and valuation, data management and governance, external data strategies, analytics best practices, and establishing data and analytics organizations. Doug’s book, Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information for Competitive Advantage, was selected by CIO Magazine as the “Must-Read Book of the Year” and a “Top 5 Books for Business Leaders and Tech Innovators.”

Currently, the Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow with the consulting firm West Monroe, Doug previously held the position of Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s Chief Data Officer research and advisory team and was a three-time Gartner annual thought leadership award recipient.


In addition, Doug launched and managed the Deloitte Analytics Institute, is a Forbes contributing writer and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times among other journals. Doug has guest-lectured at major business schools around the world and is a visiting professor with the University of Illinois Gies College of Business where he teaches Infonomics and Business Analytics Executive Overview courses, which also are available online via Coursera.


He also co-chairs the annual MIT CDO/IQ Symposium, is a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, is a member of the World Economic Forum’s data exchange initiative, a member of the American Economic Association, and sits on various technology company advisory boards.

Follow and connect with Doug via Twitter @Doug_Laney and LinkedIn. #infonomics

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Doug Laney is the Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow at West Monroe Partners where he consults to business-, data-, and analytics leaders on conceiving and implementing new data-driven value streams. He originated the field of infonomics and authored the best-selling book, “Infonomics. Doug is a three-time Gartner annual thought leadership award recipient, a World Economic Forum advisor, a Forbes contributing author, and co-chairs the annual MIT Chief Data Officer Symposium. He also is a visiting professor at the University of Illinois and Carnegie Mellon business schools, and sits on various high-tech company advisory boards. Follow and connect with Doug on Twitter and LinkedIn. #infonomics

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