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Doug has advised hundreds of organizations in every industry and around the world on emerging and best practices in data and analytics strategy, maturity and literacy. He also sits on the advisory board of several exciting technology providers and progressive universities, is a World Economic Forum associate, a three-time Gartner annual Thought Leadership Award recipient, and provides expert testimony on data-related legal matters. 

After a long tenure as a Distinguished Analyst with the IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, Doug joined the Chicago-based digital consulting firm, West Monroe, where as the firm’s Data & Analytics Innovation Fellow he is responsible for introducing new and innovative service offerings, consulting to clients, helping drive new business opportunities, and demonstrating industry thought leadership. He also continues to provide guidance to established and emerging technology vendor leadership teams.

For West Monroe’s clients Doug specializes in the following types of initiatives

  • Data Monetization

  • Data Valuation

  • Data Literacy

  • The Office of the Chief Data Officer

  • Analytics Centers of Excellence

  • Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Data & Analytics Maturity Assessment and Planning

  • Data Diligence (as part of M&A due diligence)

For data and analytics technology providers and industry associations Doug continues to advise and support them via the following types of activities

  • Go-to-Market Approach & Planning

  • Product Planning

  • Messaging

  • Partnerships

  • Analyst Relations and Briefing Prep

  • Customer Introductions

  • Webinars

  • Whitepapers/Blog

  • Social Media

  • Professional Services

  • Investor Introductions and Pitches

  • Website Copy

  • Press Quotes 

For West Monroe’s clients Doug specializes in the following types of initiatives

To reach Doug regarding consulting or advisory opportunities click here.

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